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Martyr Clothing is an independent premium streetwear brand based in Dayton, OH.


About the Owner

Nick Woods is a Chicago native who grew a love for fashion at a very young age. His older cousins were so much into fashion that one of them even started his own clothing brand which inspired Nick to want to do the same when he got older.

He also had love for art, being inspired by his late uncle, he spent a lot of his spare time drawing which really gave him an eye for design.

In high school he came across the transfer paper method of designing custom clothes, he moved on to using acrylic paint on garments to give a more personalized look.

Fast forwarding to 2020 he took a leap of faith with starting his print on demand company Martyr Clothing. Nick went from print on demand to more custom work that involved heat pressing different types of vinyl to blank products.

Martyr Clothing is a brand where print on demand, in house heat pressing and cut and sew manufacturers are all methods used to bring the vision to life and get it to the customers that are inspired by his creations.